How to Save on Your Food in a Unique Way?

Wedding CateringWhen you talk about food, you become hungry. Food is very essential to everybody especially in preparing a wedding. It is one part of the wedding event that needs to be perfect. You can hire the best wedding catering in Houston, TX to make the best meals to make your wedding day one of a kind. However, you can only make it more unique when you know how to make it more creative. Surely, food costs at your wedding can really skyrocket the overall wedding expenses. It’s rare not to serve some kind of food at your wedding, so rather than cut the food, figure out ways to cut the bill.
Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing in your Houston catering services:
Cut the Courses
No matter what time of the day you serve a meal, cut back on the number of courses you serve. Instead of a five-course meal, consider a four, or even a three-course meal. Guests can fill up during cocktail hour, which means that you won’t need to serve as many courses during the main meal.
Go Family Style
Serve the meal family style instead of having a buffet or served meal. Wedding guests can pass the food platters and bowls around the table. It cuts down on the number of wait staff you have to employ. It also brings your wedding guests closer together—like family.
Go Combo
Serve combination meals, such as surf and turf and everyone gets the same meal. Eliminate the entrée options and you can cut down on your overall food costs. You can still have one or two plates of different foods for guests that have special dietary restrictions, such as allergies.
Choose a Hearty Cuisine
You can serve less food when you choose heartier food options. Filling comfort foods, such as barbecued chicken and macaroni and cheese, fill bellies. So do pasta dishes. This is a great addition to your wedding catering in Houston, TX for your upcoming wedding, official site.
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